Wulfenite Raw Crystal

Wulfenite is a lead molybdenum oxide with a tetragonal crystal system and forms in both prismatic and superb squarish habits. It was first described by Austrian mineralogist Franz Xavier Von Wülfen in 1785 and named after him.  Most commonly found in its trademark beautiful bright orange colour but can be yellow, red, grey or brown.


Cut, Polished Wulfenite

Wulfenite assists in accepting the less positive aspects of life and prevents despondency or inertia setting in when you’re faced with negative situations or feelings. It is a crystal for clearing emotional blockages and expressing our true selves so that our inner and outer selves harmonise. This crystal enables us to reach out in our relationships with balanced giving and taking enabling us to heal failing relationships.


Wulfenite Bracelet

Wulfenite is a stone that can be used for white magic, supporting and enhancing ritual working and journeying, and regaining magical knowledge that one had in other lives. If someone has suffered at the hands of the Christian church for beliefs connected with magic, then Wulfenite helps to heal the experience, making it feel safe to practice once again.


Wulfenite Skull

Physically, Wulfenite is seen as being helpful with menopause and menstrual cycle, female reproductive problems, including endometriosis and uterine fibroids.


Wulfenite Sculpture

WARNING: Do not make elixirs, gem water or massage oil. Do not wear it directly on the skin.  Wulfenite contains poisonous lead and molybdate. Always wash your hands after use.





Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Birthstone: December

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root

Sources: Morocco, USA, Mexico, Zambia, China

Hardness: 2.5 – 3

Empowerment: I accept that sometimes I have negative feelings



Award Winning Jewellery

Runner up in Beads & Beyond Magazine's Jewellery Maker of the Year Competition 2012 - Chain Maille Category

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