Jewel Pics029This amazing cabochon is made up of alternating bands of Shattuckite (dark blue), Chrysocolla (light blue) and Smokey Quartz. This beautiful stone and its vibrant colours are all natural. Set in a beaded bezel of various blue, gold and greens seed beads which really sets off the stone. Stunning!!
Pendant is suspended from 3 strands of seed beads in teal, metallic blue and deep green with a silver plated flower toggle clasp.Jewel Pics030
Pendant measures 7.5 X 5cms (3 X 2 inches). Necklace measures 48cms (19 inches) long.

To purchase this necklace please go to
Jewel Pics031This stone was purchased from Joyce & Jimmy Vacek from their Etsy store 49erMinerals The rough material came from the Tiger Mine near the town of Mammoth St. Anthony in South central Arizona.

Did you know?
Shattuckite is a rare mixture wherein Malachite, Chrysocolla, Azurite and copper are found in traces. It was a traditional magical healing and love charm among indigenous people in Arizona and parts of Africa. Use Shattuckite to enable you to interpret information and wisdom you receive.
Shattuckite is a strong psychic communication stone. It will assist with the development of psychic visions, intuition, mediumship and channeling, all from a position of absolute truth.
It is reputed to assist in the release of the need to hold onto the past – especially useful in getting over a relationship breakdown or waiting for someone who will never commit. Shattuckite can resolve past life issues that prevent you from moving forward in present life spiritual development.il_570xN.387247598_6i6p
Shattuckite is beneficial for all minor health complaints, bringing the body gently back into balance. Also thought to help with ear, nose and throat infections such as tonsillitis and gum disorders.
Zodiac: Aquarius
Birthstone: February
Chakra: Throat and Brow
Sources: USA
Empowerment: I can share my deepest feelings with those I love.


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