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Sugilite%20ThumbSugilite is a rare potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminium mineral with a hexagonal crystal system. The mineral was named after Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi, who discovered the first specimens in 1944.

Sugilite is a powerful love crystal and one of the major ‘love stones’.  It represents spiritual love and wisdom and inspires spiritual awareness.  Sugilite can help bring light and love into the darkest situations.  It is a useful accompaniment to spiritual quests of all kinds.  This loving 240px-Sugilite-162617stone protects the soul from shocks, trauma and disappointments and relieves spiritual tension.

Aiding forgiveness and eliminating hostility, Sugilite is a useful stone for work with groups as it resolves group difficulties and encourages loving communication.  It supports the overcoming of conflict without compromise.

Sugilite-BraceletEmotionally, Sugilite imparts the ability to face up to unpleasant matter.  It resolves inner hurt such as sorrow, grief, and fear, and promotes self-forgiveness.

Sugilite is reputed to bring balance to food related addictions and compulsions such as excessive alcohol, gambling or out of control spending!!! (It’s never stopped me in a sale!!).

Medically, Sugilite is said to be an exceptionally good pain reliever, the manganese in Sugilite clears headaches and discomfort at all levels.  Also good for infections and viruses.sugilite-grp

Zodiac:  Taurus and Aquarius

Birthstone: May and February

Chakra: Heart

Sources: Japan, South Africa

Hardness: 6 – 6.5

Empowerment: I will not get stuck in self-pity.



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