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Jade_GemstonesJade is a name shared by two distinctly different minerals – Nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate, and Jadeite, a sodium aluminium silicate. Both have monoclinic crystal systems and are exceptionally tough stones.

The name jade is derived, rather accidently, from the Spanish term ‘piedra de yjada’ (or ‘lapis nephrictus’ in Latin), meaning UNIQUE GREEN JADE PENDANT, JADENECKLACE‘stone of the loin’. The first Jade arrived in Mesoamerica, bought back by the conquistadors.During the seventeenth century, when Jade supplies from the Americas had diminished, Chinese carvings of similar looking stone were labelled Nephrite, from the Latin, and it was later discovered that these were different minerals from the original American Jade.

Jade is a stone of the heart, so, of course, it can attract and enhance love of all kinds; increasing and nurturing.  It is also considered to be good for the physical heart and for emotional balance and stability. Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity much prized in the East as it signifies wisdom gathered through tranquillity.  It is a protective stone, which keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  It is believed to attract good luck and friendship.

HJ062E-1Psychologically, Jade stabilizes the personality and integrates the mind with the body.  It promotes self-sufficiency. Mentally, Jade releases negative thoughts and sooths the mind. It stimulates ideas and makes tasks seem less complex so that they can be acted upon immediately.

Emotionally, Jade is a ‘dream stone’ and brings insightful dreams.  It aids emotional release, especially of irritability.  Jade encourages you to come who you really are and awakens hidden knowledge.  It is used in crystal healing for increasing self-reliance. Jade is also very helpful as a stone of abundance. It is also a stone of fidelity and generosity.

Tibetan Jade Necklace

Tibetan Jade Necklace

Physically, jade is used to heal lung problems, kidney problems, immune system weakness, PTSD, and nervous system overwork.

Jade is also energized by its colour, and relates to those colour energies as well.  Can also be known as Jadeite.

Types and colours

African Jade helps you skilfully negotiate pitfalls to reach a successful conclusion.

Black Jade regarded as a guardian against the powers of paranormal evil and human malice in some cultures.

Blue Jade symbolizes peace and reflection, inner serenity and patience.

Bowenite/New Jade helps to show tough love to family members and friends and can help you say no.

Brown Jade is strongly grounding and connects with the earth.

Green Jade calms the nervous system and channels passion in constructive ways.  Green is the most common Jade.

Imperial Jade beloved by the emperors of the later Chinese dynasties since late 1700’s. It encourages family unity and increases your personal confidence by bringing a sense of authority.

Lavender Jade alleviates emotional hurt and trauma and bestows inner peace.

Lemurian Jade for ‘poor-me’ syndrome.  It turns attention to what you can give to others rather than how hard done by you are.

Nephrite Jade is a symbol of health and a long life.

Olive Jade is the stone of reconciliation after a quarrel.

Orange Jade is energetic and quietly stimulating.

Purple Jade is useful for those who are sensitive to the emotions of others.

Red Jade is the most passionate and stimulating Jade. It is associated with love and letting off steam!

White Jade directs energy in the most constructive way and pulls in relevant information.

Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating but with a mellowness to it, bringing joy and happiness.

Jade Earrings

Jade Earrings

Zodiac: March & October

Birthstone: Pisces & Libra

Chakra: Root & Heart

Sources: China Italy, Canada, Myanmar, Russia, Middle East, USA

Hardness: 6

Empowerment: I am rich in spirit.




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