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2hemimorphite41708Hemimorphite is a hydrous zinc silicate with a orthorhombic crystal system. Named in 1853 by Adolph Kenngott in allusion to the hemimorphic morphology of the crystals.

Hemimorphite (or Buddha Stone) is an extremely protective stone, particularly against malicious thoughts and manipulation.  In ancient times, it was reputedly used to counteract poison.  Use this stone if you need to charm someone who has taken an irrational dislike to you.1 seed bead cuff white blue teal gemstone hemimorphite beaded  embroidery cabochon embroidered beads crystals weaving bracelet jewelry jewellery

This stone is not an easy ride, as it promotes self-development in the quickest way possible.  Insisting on personal accountability, it encourages you to take responsibility for your happiness and teaches that you create your reality through your thoughts and attitudes.

hemimorphitePsychologically, this stone shows how to develop inner strength and manifest your highest potential while maintaining awareness of being part of humanity.  Instilling a sense of social responsibility, it is useful for remaining energized and committed throughout projects seeing them through to the end.

Emotionally, Hemimorphite gently relieves angst. If you invariably pitch your expectations and goals too high to achieve, it helps in setting and attaining realistic goals without being emotionally attached to the result.  This optimistic stone assists on looking back on, and reframing, irritating and ingrained traits, and helps being totally open and honest in emotional communication.mw8SHnOM7s8WgaIxjYuJT5A

Physically, Hemimorphite supports you in regaining full health on all levels.

Zodiac: Libra

Birthstone: October

Chakra: Crown, Brow and Throat

Sources: USA, England, Mexico, Zambia

Hardness: 4.5 – 5

Empowerment: I have what I need


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