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Phosphosiderite-ChunksPhosphosiderite is a combination of iron, phosphorus, hydrogen and oxygen with a monoclinic crystal system. Discovered in 1890, its name comes from Greek and is named after its chemical composition, PHOSPHrous and SIDERos, iron.It is said to be also known as ‘piedrea voga’ meaning pink stone, and ‘la rosa voca’ meaning pink rock.1 cuff bracelet jewellery beaded beads flowers lilac pink phosphosiderite gemstone cabochon seed beads purple marquise teardrop  crystal Swarovski

Phosphosiderite is an excellent healing stone, so it’s often called the “Stone of Healing and Hope”. It is used to assist with finding balance and stability, which can help one in everyday life as well as in healing. Phosphosiderite is also used to access and work with past life memories bringing calmness with freshness and new energies.

phosphosiderite3Phosphosiderite opens and expands your mind to a new awareness and new insights. It allows there to be a space in your mind that wasn’t previously open that was unconscious. This will be opened as far as you are ready in a speed and pace that you are ready for. It also brings in gentle calming love energy.

Phosphosiderite is said to have been used to stimulate past life memories allowing one to gain information regarding both good and bad times without having to re-experience the emotion associated with them.  It can smooth the temperament to bring a joyful feeling and decrease and transmute anger.  It has also been used for the treatment of disorders of the skin and to strengthen the hair. aaps10

Zodiac: Virgo

Birthstone: September

Chakra: Heart

Sources: Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, USA, Europe


Empowerment: Not known


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