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1 necklace jewellery jewelry collar larvikite hematite cabochon seed beads beaded embroidery glass Swarovski crystal bicones pearls bugle toggle black grey gray handmade

Larvikite & Hematite Bead Embroidery Collar

Also called Norwegian Moonstone

I love using Larvikite, as it has the most beautiful chatoyant nature to it, with hues of greys and blues.

Larvikite (sometimes spelt Larvakite) is a variety of Monzonite, notable for the presence of handsome, thumbnail-sized crystals of feldspar. These feldspars are known as ternary because they contain significant components of all three end-member feldspars. Larvikite does not form in a crystal system as such.

The name originates from the town of Larvik in Norway. The first record of Larvikite as a source for dimension-stone is in 1811, in a document which suggested extraction of Larvikite, among other purposes, for a castle in Copenhagen. However, nothing happened until


Polished Larvikite

1884, when quarrying was initiated by Ferdinand Narvesen close to the town of Stavern, southwest of Larvik.

The main reason for the continuous success of this unique Norwegian rock on the world market is the blue iridescence displayed on polished surfaces. These spectacular colours are caused by optical interference in microscopic lamellae within the feldspars. This rock is very popular in

download (1)

Rough Larvikite

the High Street in the UK, for its high polish and the spectacular reflections from its feldspars and is frequently found fronting the facades of banks.

Larvikite is a stone of magic. It helps you to be the best you can be and assists in seeing behind the façade that people present.  If you want to know what the true agendas of yourself and others are, keep the stone in your pocket.

Although it has the power to expedite situations,


Carved Larvikite Knife Handles

Larvikite teaches the value of right timing and attunement to natural cycles. It assists in making decisions based on common sense and analytic reasoning rather than emotional conditioning. If you need assistance during intensive periods of learning, Larvikite helps your mind to process and assimilate new information and may create fresh pathways in the brain.


Larvikite Bracelet

Larvikite infuses the physical body with vitality and youthfulness. It has an energetically detoxifying effect on tissues, cells and lymph and anecdotal evidence suggests it lowers blood pressure.  It is used for calming and stabilising the nervous system.




Zodiac: Leo and Sagittarius

Birthstone: August and December

Chakra: Base, Throat, Crown, Brow

Sources: Norway

Hardness: 6 – 6.5

Empowerment: I open my heart wisely.


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