French Beaded Flowers

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French Beaded flowers have recently become a passion of mine.  I love creating something beautiful.  The following pages show a variety of different flowers I have made along with the lovely Hummingbird.

I usually make the flowers to order because as soon as I have stock I sell them! Also people like to have custom made flowers in different colours for an event or display.  Different coloured tips are also fun to have on the flowers.  I can make them any way you would like! For a list of colours available click the link Flower bead colours.

Prices are ‘from’ as postage & packing can vary depending on where you are and what flower or variation you choose.  French Beaded flowers can be quite heavy!

If you would like to order any of the flowers or a bouquet please use the contact me page.  I will then get back to you.

History of French Beaded Flowers

Beadwork, of course, has been around for millennia. French beading is differentiated by its wire construction. Small glass beads usually 2mm are strung onto very fine wire, and lines of beads are connected, or laced, to reinforce the petals and leaves. The flat elements can then be joined together and sculpted into three-dimensional flowers, with the wire helping the piece retain its shape. The exact origins and history of French beaded flowers are a bit hazy. Production was no doubt advanced by the Industrial Revolution, which increased availability of glass beads of regular size and colour. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, beaded flowers were sometimes used in ornate funerary arrangements, where wired beads made up flowers and could also be wrapped around a metal framework. These were perfect for use during winter months when fresh flowers were not readily available, and they were long lasting without the need to be watered or replaced!


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