Red Spinel

Spinel is a magnesium oxide material with a cubic crystal system. It forms octahedral, dodecahedral or cubic crystals, as well as n granular, massive or compact habits. Spinel forms in igneous rocks, as well as in metamorphic rocks such as marble, serpentine, and gneiss.

The earliest known gem spinel dates from 100BC and was discovered in a Buddhist tomb

rough spinel

Rough Spinel

near Kabul, Afghanistan. Red spinel was also known to the Romans at the same time.  Blue spinel’s from the Roman period (51BC-AD400) have been found in England.

The name spinel is thought to have come from either the Latin word, “spina”, meaning thorn, due to its pointed crystal form, or the Greek word for “spark”, in reference to its bright colour. Spinel has been mined for centuries and one of the most famous historical spinel gemstones is


Imperial State Crown

known as “the Black Prince’s Ruby”. As the name suggests, this is a red gemstone, which was thought to be a ruby. The “Black Prince’s Ruby” was acquired by Edward, Prince of Wales in 1367. In 1836 it was set into the Imperial State Crown and is held at the Tower of London.

Spinel is often called the great impostor of the gemstone world as the beauty of spinel has caused it to be mistaken for ruby and sapphire in the past. However, spinel deserves to be recognized as a gemstone that is worthy of appreciation in its own right. Spinel occurs in a range of colours, such as rose pink to rich red; lavender to deep violet; light to deep blue, orange, yellow, brown and black.

coloured spinel

Some of the many colours of Spinel

Spinel is a beautiful crystal connected with energy renewal, encouragement in difficult situations, and rejuvenation. It is an excellent aid for reducing fatigue and replenishing depleted energies on all levels.  It supports the body in recovering from illness or trauma.  Spinel s a stone of new hope; it can relieve the burden of negative thoughts and reminding one that life is a gift.  Spinel can even facilitate the process of building a new self-image.  It loosens the


Black Spinel Bracelet

grip of entrenched, limiting ideas about ones attractiveness, talents and capabilities.  Psychologically, Spinel enhances positive aspect of the personality. It aids in achieving and accepting success with humanity.

Spinel is also a stone of victory.  It inspires one to accept life’s challenges and to do what is necessary to achieve them. Abundant in energy it can increase endurance and persistence, focusing one’s whole self on the desired goal and continuing until it is won.


Blue Spinel and Diamond Necklace

Black Spinel – offers insights into material problems and gives you the stamina to continue. It promotes independence and rebuilds from the roots up.

Blue Spinel – stimulates communication, channelling and calms sexual desire. It can focus the mind for study in the build-up for an exam.

Brown Spinel –   is an excellent protection stone and etheric cleanser, dispelling negative attachments.   It cleans the aura and opens connections to the physical body.


Yellow Spinel Ring

Clear Spinel – is an all-purpose stone. It works to re-energise all levels of one’s physical body.  It stimulates mysticism, higher communication and facilitates visions and enlightenment.

Green Spinel – refreshes the emotional body, increasing and stimulating love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and self-esteem for oneself. Also helps easy expression if affection for others.

Orange Spinel – Stimulates sexual and creative energies, bringing a sense of fun into both amorous and artistic adventures.  It also aids intuition, balances emotions and treats infertility.

Red Spinel – is a stone of physical vitality. It stimulates energy, physical vitality and strength to go on in any bad situation. Red spinel should be worn by people who feel they


Stunning Purple Spinel Necklace

are not taken seriously.

Peach Spinel – is understood to build self-esteem and soften criticism.

Pink Spinel – fosters love and is rather good for couples in relationships.

Purple Spinel – Stimulates spiritual development, facilitates spiritual purification and astral travel. It is protective against everyday nastiness.

Yellow Spinel: Stimulates the intellect, thought processes, personal power and rejuvenates lost enthusiasm for life. It also helps in the manifestation of abundance.


Green Spinel Earrings

Zodiac: Leo and Scorpio

Birthstone: August and November

Chakra: Root and Heart

Sources: India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Myanmar

Hardness: 7.5 – 8

Empowerment: Love can last even long distance




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