Doll Face with Azurite and Malachite


Jewel Pics027Gorgeous turquoise polymer clay doll face cabochon surrounded by gold and teal coloured seed beads, Azurite with Malachite rondelles and Zircon Blue Swarovski crystals. Beautiful colours together. Pendant is a sort of upside-down teardrop shape! Pendant backing id black suede.

From the bottom center of the pendant is a 7 stringed tassel consisting of gold seed beads, teal bugle beads Swarovski crystals and Azurite with Malachite rondelles.Jewel Pics025

The pendant is suspended form a beaded necklace comprised of Blue Zircon Swarovski crystals, Azurite with Malachite tube beads, gold and teal seed beads and teal coloured bugle beads. Necklace has a gold plated toggle style clasp.

Pendant measures 6 X 7 cms (2.5 X 2.75 inches). Tassel measures 8 cms (3 inches). Necklace measures 62 cms (24.5 inches) round.

Gorgoeus and blingy!!

Jewel Pics022Doll face cabochon was bought from the lovely Tina from her Etsy shop Beadcomber

To purchase this necklace please go to

Comes boxed.

Did you know?

Azurite with Malachite have similar chemical compositions. When they grow together, they carry the properties of the two minerals. Because they are both copper based minerals, this duo is a powerful conductor of energy. The “green” of malachite symbolizes life on Earth. The “blue” of azurite represents life in the water. It unlocks spiritual vision and strengthens the ability to visualize.  Jewel Pics024At an emotional level it brings deep healing and allows one to be in touch with their core self without fear, letting one touch their inner child.  Soothing to the soul, Azurite with Malachite releases stress and helps the wearer to make new beginnings.  The combination of these two crystals together also calm any anxiety that may be present, giving you the courage to say what needs to be said.


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