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Gorgeous French Beaded Daffodils. 5 yellow petals and yellow crown make up this flower with 2 long green leaves and a green stem. Flower is approximately 28cms (11 inches) tall and has a 11.5cms (4.5 inches) flower diameter.
Made with 2mm glass seed beads and wire!
Colours used for these flowers are Left: 14 – translucent yellow, 23 – Gold Translucent Rainbow (crown) and 2 – silver lined green. Right: 14 translucent yellow and 31 – silver lined olive.
Can be made in any colour combination see attached colour chart for options Flower bead colours. Some colour combinations may cost a little more. Can make with different coloured tips if required.Daff3
Makes a beautiful gift.

This flower is quite heavy!

Price is £25 and is for one of the Daffodils pictured here and there may be an extra charge to allow for modifications.  However will charge for exact postage and not make profit on this. Will contact with exact price.

To purchase one of these daffodils follow this link Daffodils or contact me using the Contact Me tab.

Comes boxed.

Daffodils can awaken inspiration and creativity. It alerts us to the need for clear self-exploration and for the balance of sexual energies. The fragrance of daffodil is very relaxing and is especially effective for those who have trouble slowing down excessive brain activity at the end of the day. It reminds us that our true power and innate beauty manifests more strongly through surrender to the Divine. It reminds us to maintain clarity of thought and vitality of the body. Have confidence in your own inner beauty. Daffodils are beneficial in teaching us that others will respond to us based on what we feel about ourselves.




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