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Cavansite---Cavansite-Clusters-Extra---NO-Matrix-05Cavansite is a hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate with an orthorhombic crystal system which occurs in prismatic or tabular crystals in rosettes, sometimes in association with other Zoisite materials such as Stillbite or Apophyllite. Its name is derived from its chemical composition, calcium vanadium silicate, and was



discovered in 1967 in Malheur County, Oregon: Cavansite is a relatively rare mineral. The best specimens come from Poona India and are a deep ultramarine blue. The natural Cavansite spheres became detached from their matrix during quarrying operations. The spheres, when split, reveal the radial starburst pattern that is so compelling.

Cavansite is known as a stone of purification and regeneration. Psychologically, this stone brings optimism and inspiration into your world.  This stone insists on going deep within, it redresses destructive behaviour or ingrained negative thought patterns.

cavansite_ct_4_31bMentally, Cavansite helps you think before you act and, combining logic, truth and intuition, shows you the way to work through problems.

Physically, this stone facilitates endorphin release and the conductivity of electrical impulses around the body, enhancing the feel good factor.  A protective stone, Cavansite is said to shield from past life trauma.

Medically, Cavansite is said to assist in the healing of the eyes, teeth, sore throat, kidneys, bladder, calcium deficiency and tinnitus.cavansite necklace


Zodiac: Libra

Birthstone: October

Chakra: Throat & Brow

Sources: India, USA, Brazil, New Zealand

Hardness: 3 – 4

Empowerment: I will reach my goal one way or another.


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