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Sardonyx is a blend of Sard and Onyx, and has the straight white bands of Onyx and the brownish red of Sard.  Sardonyx, Sard and Onyx are all varieties of Chalcedony and are renowned as excellent materials for inlay work.

It takes its name from the Greek Sardis, the capital of ancient Lydia.  Sardonyx has a long history: it was used at Harappa, one of the oldest centres of the Indus civilization (2300-1500 BC), by the Mycenaeans (1450-1100 BC), and also by the Assyrians (1400-600 BC).   The Romans would use Sardonyxto make seals. In the 4th century, Epiphanius, bishop of Salamis, claimed Sard had medicinal value for wounds, and in the 11th century Bishop Marbodius claimed it was a protector against sorcery!! Since ancient Egyptian times, onyx has been stained to improve or change its colour.

Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection.  It invokes the search for a meaningful existence and promotes integrity and virtuous conduct.  Bringing lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships (yeah right!), sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune.

Psychologically, sardonyx supplements willpower and strengthens character.  It increases stamina, vigor, and self-control.  This stone is said to alleviate depression and overcomes hesitancy.

Mentally, sardonyx improves perception and aids in the processing of information.  It can remove a sense of helplessness and victim mentality. Can also encourage taking action to make overdue changes.

Physically, it is said to help with impotence, sterility, bowel, prostate and bladder problems.

  • Composition: Silicon Dioxide
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 7
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Birthstone: August
  • Chakra: Root
  • Sources: Brazil, India, Russia, Asia Minor
  • Empowerment: I can easily attain my goals

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