Amazonite and Crystal


Am6Beautiful Amazonite and Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Earrings Set.

Classic design necklace and earrings made with mint green Amozonite nugget beads. Due to the semi-precious nature of the beads, each bead is a different shape and colour but this only adds to its beauty. Between the nugget beads are ruby coloured Swarovski crystals and 2 decorative brass spacer beads. Necklace has a heart shaped toggle clasp and is approximately 50 cms (19.5 inches) long.

Earrings are for pierced ears and have gold coloured stud posts. Earrings have a Amozanite nugget bead and a ruby Swarovski crystal and a spacer beads. Earrings are 3 cms (1 & 1/4 inches) long.

Comes boxed.

To purchase this set please go to

Did you know?Am2
Amazonite is called the stone of courage and has the capacity to sooth and calm both the mind and body. Amazonite is said to increase self-respect especially in women (!!) and reduces self neglect! For those with problems to solve, amazonite may prove beneficial, as it is reputed to bring clarity of view to a troubled situation and help those involved to see the issue from both sides.
At an emotional level, amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It dispels negative energy and aggravation.
In terms of health promoting properties, amazonite is believed to aid the skeletal and muscular system, and bring relief to thoses affected by tooth decay or osteoporosis.
One of the chief attributes of amazonite is considered to be an ability to provide protection from electromagnetic pollution and microwaves. It is suggested that amazonite be placed near computers and a pieced strapped to your mobile phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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