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10773sapphiresSapphire is a variety of corundum, an aluminium oxide with a hexagonal crystal system. After Diamond it is the hardest mineral. Its name derives from the Greek ‘sappheiros’, meaning blue stone. Although most people this of Sapphires as dark blue, it is found in a diversity of colours, including many shades of blue, violet, pink, white, green, black, yellow and orange. Trace amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, or magnesium can give corundum blue, yellow, purple, orange, or a greenish colour.

Princess Diana's Engagement Ring

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Sapphires are commonly pleochroic, meaning they appear to be differently coloured when viewed from different directions. Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone with each colour having its own wisdom.

Sapphire was used by the Etruscans over 2,500 years ago, and was also prized in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. The Ancient Greeks called the Sapphire the Jewel of the sun god Apollo and King Solomon’s magical ring was said to have been a blue Sapphire. Revered as a stone of royalty, Sapphire was believed to keep kings safe from harm or envy. It was also purported to protect one from dishonesty, fraud, terror, poverty, and even stupidity and ill temper!

Late 19th Century Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Late 19th Century Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

This precious gemstone offers calming and healing energies to all who wear or hold it. It focuses and calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension. Bringing in peace of mind and serenity, Sapphire aligns the spiritual, mental, and physical planes and restores balance within the body. This stone releases depression and spiritual confusion and stimulates concentration.

Sapphire will help during times of change to maintain clear vision of where it is you want to go and how to get there. Sapphires are a symbol of integrity and, at home and work, are a good counterbalance to cynicism and less desirable aspects of modern culture. Sapphire is also reputed to bring good luck as it attracts prosperity and gifts of all kinds!

Sapphire calms overactive body systems and regulates the glands. It heals the eyes, removing impurities and stress.

Rough Sapphire

Rough Sapphire

“Kissing your hand may make you feel very very good but a Diamond and a Sapphire bracelet lasts forever”
Anita Loos (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

untreated_natural_sapphire_rainbow_colorsColours and Types
Black Sapphire is protective and centring. It imparts confidence in one’s own intuition. This stone heightens employment prospects and helps in retaining a job.

Blue Sapphire is a seeker after spiritual truth, traditionally associated with love and purity. It facilitates self-expression and speaking your truth.

Green Sapphire enhances compassion and an understanding of the frailties and unique abilities of others. It honours trust and respect for other people belief systems.

Orange Sapphire brings the wisdom of loving creation from the heart to the world. Their joyful orange energies activate the Sacral Chakra, the seat of one’s sexual energy and the fountain of creativity. They align the will to create with the heart, encouraging one to revel in life’s sensory experiences and in the expression of ideas and artistic truths

Padparadscha Sapphire is an orange-pink variety of Sapphire that is found in Sri Lanka; highly regarded and one of the most valuable forms of Sapphire. Padparadschas are solar stones, bringing warmth and physical comfort, and are connected to Mars, the planet of action. They impart vitality and strength of purpose, lending the ability to move forward with endeavours or stand firm in opposition.

Pink Sapphire acts as a magnet to draw into your life all you need in order to evolve. It is a fast acting stone that teaches you how to master emotions.

Purple Sapphire awakens. It is extremely calming for the emotionally unstable.

Royal Sapphire teaches you responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings.

Pauline Bonaparte's sapphire tiara

Pauline Bonaparte’s sapphire tiara

Star Sapphire has a five –pointed star-shaped formation in its depths. This rare stone draws you in and opens intuition. It brings about centring of your thoughts and aids in anticipating the intentions of other people. It is said to contact extra-terrestrial beings!

White Sapphire has an extremely pure energy. This is an intensely protective stone that removes obstacles to the spiritual path. It is helpful in accessing your potential and life purpose.

Yellow Sapphire attracts wealth into the home and can be placed in cash boxes to increase prosperity. Yellow Sapphire stimulates the intellect and improves focus so that the bigger picture can be seen.

Zodiac: Virgo & Libra
Birthstone: September & October
Hardness: 9
Chakra: Throat
Sources: Myanmar, Czech Republic, Brazil, Kenya, India, Australia, Sri Lanka
Empowerment: Truth is the key to trust and trust the key to truth.


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