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coveliteCovellite (sometimes called Covelline) is a copper sulphide material with a hexagonal crystal system.  Covellite was named in 1832 by Francois Sulpice Beudant in honour of Niccolo Covelli, an Italian mineralogist and discoverer of the mineral at Mount Vesuvius.



Covellite is said to transform your dreams into concrete realities! Spiritually, this reflective stone opens a doorway to the past and to the wisdom acquired in other lives. Psychologically, Covellite is a helpful stone if you are feeling vulnerable and too easily stimulated by others! Strengthening creativity, it assists in coming to terms with sexuality, improving libido if required (have to get me some of this!).

Covellite harmonises body, mind and soul and facilitates the process of loving yourself unconditionally while eliminating vanity and arrogance.

Magenta Fire Covellite 49erminerals

Magenta Fire Covellite

Mentally, this stone releases anything holding you back, particularly ingrained beliefs from other lives.  It facilitates rational analytic thought and the decision-making process and enhanced communication.

Emotionally, Covellite overcomes despondency and anxiety.  Replacing negative emotions with loving serenity, it is reputed to help anyone with or living with a person with an inflated ego as it helps to get in touch with reality!

Physically, Covellite is good for ears, eyes, throat, sinuses, mouth and cellular disorders.

Rainbow Covellite is attuned to the higher self and helps you connect with your soul.

Zodiac: Libra & SagittariusMontana-Covellite-Crystal-Skull-02

Birthstone: October & December

Chakra: Throat and Brow

Sources: Italy, USA, Germany, Sardinia, Wales, Alaska

Hardness: 1.5 – 2

Empowerment: I can wait a little longer for fulfilment.


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