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wavellite25380cWavellite is an aluminium phosphate hydroxide hydrate mineral and typically occurs in translucent green radiating crystals on rock deposits. It has an orthorhombic crystal system. Wavellite was named in 1805 for William Wavell, a physician in Harwood Parish, Devonshire, England, who discovered the mineral.

Wavellite is considered a magical gift from the earth spirits.  Wheel like clusters of Wavellite are often found embedded in limestone, reflecting light to produce a sparkling pinwheel star effects. It helps you journey within yourself to discover your uniqueness.wavellite%20pendant%200121

Wavellite is a mineral that assists in making decisions; the deeper decisions that your quality of life may hinge on. Wavellite shows a much broader landscape concerning the decision to be made. It shows how this decision fits into who you really are down deep, not just your surface image. Important decisions that may change your life must fit who you really are, not just the circumstances of the day

WavelliteWavellite accesses deep core issues or a different perspective before allowing answers to rise gently into awareness. Assisting in easily managing challenging situations, it clears trauma or abuse arising from present or previous lives from the emotional body, facilitating deep soul healing.  Wavellite increases lucid and psychic dreams and aids dream recall.  Wavellite aids bonding and healing of rifts between parents, step-parents, adoptive and foster children.

Physically, Wavellite is believed to stimulate antibodies to resist infection and disease and to maintain health and well-being.  Wavellite can also benefit energy flow to the body, white cell count, cellular memory, blood flow and dermatitis.wavelite_pendant_unusual_green_eye_silver_wrapped_5f6aadee

Zodiac:  Aquarius

Birthstone: February

Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus

Sources: USA, Bolivia, Britain

Hardness: 3.5 – 4

Empowerment: I will not be pressurised to make decisions before I am ready.


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