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Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is a variety of vitreous quartz with purple, violet, or red-purple colouration.  Amethyst derives its name from the ancient Greek amethustos, meaning literally ‘not drunk’ as it was believed to guard against drunkenness.   Traditionally associated with purity and piety, amethyst has also always been favoured by royalty as purple is considered a royal colour.

Amethyst is found in most countries where granitic rocks are exposed, amethyst occurs in deposits and geodes and its purple colour is due to traces of iron.

Amethyst has a long history as a gemstone.  In ancient civilizations amethyst was a highly valued and used to make cylinder seals, engraved with the owner’s name.  The ancient Egyptians also valued amethyst, using it in much of their jewellery.

Amethyst was worn by the first Christians and later bishops.  It is said to promote happiness, love, healing, peace, courage, intelligence, justice, peaceful sleep, pleasant dreams and even successful business dealings! It is also believed to enhance spiritual awareness and relieve stress. Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind; calming or stimulating.

Mentally, it helps you feel less ‘scattered’, more focused and in control of your faculties.  It is said that Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation, making you more able to set goals.  Amethyst is reputed to treat insomnia and brings restful sleep.  When worn or carried, it is supposed to focus the mind, bring clarity and aid studying.

Especially beneficial for travelers, it protects the wearer from robbery, danger and illness (personally I would rather trust my mace spray!!!!).  Amethyst is the stone of St Valentine and when given by sweetheart to sweetheart it is reputed to strengthen their bond!  Wear as a locket to call back lost love!!

“Amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence”. – Leonardo Da Vince.

Types and colours

Amechlorite Amethyst is a highly effective detoxifier, useful for emotional blockages.

Auralite 23 Amethyst deepens meditation and enhances metaphysical abilities of all kinds.

Chevron Amethyst is said to bring courage and inner strength.

Crystal (Snow) Capped Amethyst assists in exploring the multitudal forms that life encompasses.

Lavender Amethyst brings light and love into the environment.

Pineapple Amethyst stimulates the imagination.

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honour.

Red & Canadian Red Capped (Thunder Bay) Amethyst jeeps your feet firmly on the ground and guards against egoism and delusions.

Sage Amethyst brings spiritual awareness and enlightenment to others. 

Zodiac: Aquarius.

Birthstone: February

Chakra: Brow

Sources: USA, Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia.

Hardness: 7

Empowerment: I can control my cravings




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