Seraphinite Tumble Stones

Also known as Serafina or Chlinochlore

Seraphinite is a variety of Clinochlore, a hydrous magnesium iron aluminium silicate with a monoclinic crystal system.  Seraphinite is found only in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia. It is characterised by its deep green colour, laced with inclusions of silver mica that reflect the light and gives Seraphinite a chatoyant effect. Seraphinite


Rough Seraphinite

derives its name from the perceived link to the Seraphim, the highest order of angels.

Seraphinite is sometimes referred to as “the angel stone” or “angel’s wing stone” and is said to possess a great deal of spiritual energy. As a stone of spiritual enlightenment, Seraphinite is excellent for accessing self-healing. This stone promotes living from the heart and has a gently cleansing effect on the

NT55119 garnet

Seraphinite and Garnet Necklace

heart chakra, opening it to love. It can assist with reviewing the progress of life and with identifying the changes needed to put you on the path to peace and fulfillment.

Seraphinite aids in releasing emotional energies that no longer serve. It brings enlightening, joyful energy to the emotional body and stimulates the flow of energy ensuring that one can react emotionally in a

balanced and harmonious way.

from russia

Seraphinite Box from Russia

Seraphinite stands alone as the premier healing stone of this age. Physically, it is said to draw out pain in the body. Seraphinite is thought to be good for acne, boils and ulcers and after jaw surgery to aid recovery. It is useful for overcoming chills and for promoting weight loss.


Seraphinite Gem Cabochon


Zodiac: Aries and Pisces

Birthstone: April and March

Chakra: Heart, Brow & Root

Sources: Lake Baikal region of Siberia

Hardness: 4

Empowerment: I not need to carry emotional luggage



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