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I really like using Hematite (sometimes spelled Heamatite), its gorgeous shiny black/grey colour compliments lots of other gemstones and metals.  Personally, I do not like using magnetic Hematite but some like to use it for jewellery.

A dense and relatively hard iron oxide, Hematite is the most popular iron ore because of its high iron content (70%) and its abundance.  The name Hematite is derived from the Greek ‘haimatitis’ meaning ‘blood-red’, an allusion to the  red colour of its powder.  Its apparent association with blood goes back much further: the bones of Neolithic burials have been found smeared with powdered Hematite, to represent the blood of Mother Earth, and in the 10th millennium BC, Hematite was scattered around skeletal remains buried in China.  In later times, it was worn to protect the wearer from bleeding! (I’d stick with a plaster if I were you lol).  Hematite is said to represent the warlike planet Mars since it is very common on Mars, called the red planet.

Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It is reputed to enhance courage, relieve stress, balance energy and emotions and encourage positive thinking, harmony and love.

Psychologically, Hematite is strong.  It supports timid women, boosts self-esteem and survivability, enhances will power and reliability, and imparts confidence. This stone removes self-limitations and aids expansion.  It can treat over eating, smoking, and any form of over indulgence!

Mentally, it stimulates concentration and focus.   It is also believed to help develop mathematical skills, memory and original, creative ideas.  Hematite is also reputed to relieve fears of seeing blood, fears of flying and fears of insects, especially spiders!

Medically, it is said to help with blood disorders, particularly of red cells. Hematite is considered to be beneficial to the circulatory system, to help regenerate tissue, aid the kidneys, dispel insomnia and generally draw sickness from the body! (A hot curry and a belly full of beer can do just as well! (so I’ve heard!lol)).

It is said that if you have a pacemaker, it is not advisable to wear or carry Hematite (Eason, The New Crystal bible, 2010).

  • Composition: Manganese
  • Structure: Trigonal
  • Hardness: 6.5
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Birthstone: April
  • Chakra: Root
  • Sources: Britain, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland
  • Empowerment: I will not give way to unfair pressure



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