Calla Lily

Stunningly beautiful white Calla Lily. Traditional white Calla Lily and with yellow stamen make up this flower. Flower is approximately 28cms (11 inches) tall, 7cms (2 & 3/4 inches) across and from base of flower to tip is 14cms (5.5 inches).
Made with 2mm glass seed beads and wire!IMG_6859
Colours used for this flower are 11 – white opaque & 14 – transparent yellow.
Can be made in any colour combination see attached colour chart for options Flower bead colours. Some colour combinations may cost a little more. Can make with different coloured tips if required.

The price of this flower pictured is £20 and there may be an extra amount to allow for modifications.  However will charge for exact postage and not make profit on this. Will contact with exact price.

Purple Calla Lily £25 made for a friend

Purple Calla Lily £25 made for a friend

To purchase this flower contact me via the Contact Me tab.

Comes boxed


It’s no surprise that the name calla lily comes from a Greek word for beauty. There’s more to their significance, though, than just a stunning appearance.

During the Victorian period in the 19th century, there was a flower language boom that meant certain flowers were associated with expressing particular feelings. That means that sending someone a bouquet delivered a very specific message based on the IMG_6865flowers’ meaning. There was no need for words – the recipient could decipher the intended message merely by the blossoms chosen and the way they were arranged. The calla lily plays a role in the Christian Easter service as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. In many paintings and other works of art throughout history, the calla lily has been depicted with the Virgin Mary or Angel of Annunciation. For this reason, it has been associated with holiness, faith and purity. Additionally, as the cone-line flowers blossom in spring, they have become symbols of youth and rebirth.



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